Course Information

This month-long self-paced course provides education around the 4 phases of the menstrual cycle, Ayurvedic perspective on each phase, how to support your body based on your PMS symptoms, and yoga to meet your body where it is and alleviate PMS symptoms. Participants will  explore cycle tracking, learn about vaginal steaming, and understand the imbalance underneath their own unique PMS symptoms. 

Course Topics:

Topic 1 - Ayurvedic perspective on menstrual cycles including typical symptoms and how to ease those symptoms.

Topic 2 - Explore PMS, PMDD, PCOS, Endo, and other menstrual illnesses / imbalances and how Ayurveda views them and learn how to balance what is out of balance in the body.

Topic 3 - Vaginal steaming as a tool for menstrual wellness. Learn what herbs are best for various stages in your cycle, how to make herbal blends, and basic steaming protocols for yourself.

Topic 4 - Creating ritual in your daily life to honor your cycle, your unique needs, and building balance in your daily life


  • 30+ pre-recorded yoga practices to support your cycle in every stage and for all symptoms
  • Learn about Ayurveda's perspective on menstruation, PMS symptoms, and menstrual disorders 
  • Learn how to create balance in your body to reduce PMS, PCOS, Endo, and PMDD
  • Support and education on vaginal steaming 
  • Learn how to track your cycles using Fertility Awareness Method 
  • PDFs and other learning content specially created for this group 
  • Regular communication with me!
  • Menstrual Education

    We'll cover the 4 phases of the menstrual cycle, symptoms that may occur, why those symptoms may occur, and how these are understood from an Ayurvedic perspective. (Ayurveda is yogic medicine and philosophy).

  • Demystifying Symptoms

    Understanding WHY we have certain symptoms can help us unveil the underlying inbalance. 🛑 Stagnation - fatigue, feeling blue, bloated, long period (7+ days) 🔥 Excess heat - heavy flow, swollen and tender breasts, feeling angry ☀️ Dryness - light and short flow (<5 days), clots in menses, cramps, feeling anxious

  • Movement + Breath

    Yoga as an act of self-love and devotion. Yoga as a way to deeply connect to your internal experience. To 'get out of your head and back into your body'. Using this deep internal connection to connect to womb space. Using yoga as a tool to give ourselves a moment to ask and consider what our body needs today.

Feeling well in each stage of your cycle

Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • I'm so happy you're here!

  2. 2
    • Hormone Levels Throughout an Average Menstrual Cycle

    • Phases of the Menstrual Cycle

    • Ayurvedic Principles and Menstrual Cycle Symptoms

    • How to Make a Castor/Coconut Oil Pack

  3. 3
    • How to track your cycle

    • Chart Paper

  4. 4
    • Contraindications to Steaming

    • Supplies for Your Home Steam Sauna

    • Herbs

  5. 5
    • Meditation practice to get out of the weeds and see the bigger picture (Excess Pitta)

    • Cooling breathwork for headaches, nausea, and releasing anger/irritability/frustraton. (Excess Pitta)

    • A yin + restorative practice to release heat, frustration, and to breathe a bit better (Excess Pitta)

    • Restorative yoga to ground and connect during menstruation (Excess Vata)

    • Pranayama to relieve clotting and cramping (Excess Vata)

    • Moving meditation for connection, alleviate feeling blue and internal stagnation (Excess Kapha)

    • A yin-inspired flow to lighten your flow and your mood (Excess Kapha)

  6. 6
    • Pranayama to ground into yourself (Excess Pitta)

    • Visualization meditation to connect to self and nature (Excess PItta)

    • Movement to ground you when you're feeling rushed and busy! (Excess Pitta)

    • Body scan for anxiousness, feeling cold, cramps (Excess Vata)

    • Pranayama for grounding and reducing anxiety (Excess Vata)

    • Movement for building a foundation of expression for when you have 'monkey mind' (Excess Vata)

    • Deep rest for clarity and rejuvenation (Excess Kapha)

    • Pranayama for clarity and ease (Excess Kapha)

    • A movement practice to alleviate feeling bloated, fatigued, blue (Excess Kapha)

  7. 7
    • Alternate nostril breathing for grounding and balance (Excess Pitta)

    • Meditation for inner strength and putting purpose to the feelings beneath anger (Excess PItta)

    • A movement practice to release inner heat and stay grounded! (Excess Pitta)

    • Meditation to reconnect within when your energy is outgoing (Excess Vata)

    • Bumble Bee Breath to come back to your center when feeling overwhelmed (Excess Vata)

    • Active breathwork to energize and clarify! (Excess Kapha)

    • Movement to utilize your core strength and stoke your inner fire (Excess Vata)

    • Movement and meditation to activate and energize (Excess Kapha)

    • Active heart openers to reduce fatigue (Excess Kapha)

  8. 8
    • Release excess heat with lion's breath - release headaches, anger, and frustrations (Excess Pitta)

    • A meditation to let go and allow yourself to rest (Excess Pitta)

    • Somatic movement to connect inward and express outward (Excess Pitta)

    • Active breathwork to alleviate constipation and promote circulation to the abdomen (Excess Vata)

    • Energizing and grounding yoga to lead your way into menstruation (Excess Vata)

    • Body scan to connect to your inner landscape (Excess Kapha)

    • Brighten and wake up your nervous system (Excess Kapha)

    • Gentle yoga to reduce bloat (Excess Kapha)

Why I created this course...

I first became interested in how yoga could help my periods get better about 7 years ago when I went off hormonal birth control (HBC) after 8 years taking the daily pill. 

I stopped taking the pill and my period was all over the place. I had awful hormonal acne. I was having trouble regulating my emotions. I felt depressed and anxious more than ever before.

Something was wrong.

I did all kinds of research and it sounded like I had withdrawal from the HBC. My hormones were out of whack bc they’d not naturally regulated themselves since I was 18 so my body didn’t know how to produce the correct hormones in the correct amount to support my body at age 25.

It took over 2 years for me to regulate my hormones. I took herbal supplements. I ‘tracked’ my periods using an app. I thought I knew when ovulation was just by seeing what the app said - always 14 days after my period.

Yet my cycles still were a mess and I could never find any patterns.

Finally, I found fertility awareness method and vaginal steaming and learned that I needed to REST, stop pushing myself beyond my capacity, eat nourishing foods (like real meals made with love for myself), practice womb care through steaming, and shift my yoga practice to meet each stage of my cycle rather than ‘disciplining’ myself through another physically rigorous practice when I needed rest.

All of these things have a direct effect on hormones.

I’m so excited to share my 6 week series: Yoga for Your Period! Participants will learn the 4 stages of their menstrual cycle and how yoga can help support each stage. 

Holding Space

Jess is an amazing yoga therapist whom really holds space for women to explore their needs. Thank you Jess!

A tool to tune into your body

Jess is so knowledgeable about all topics menstruation! If you want to get in tune with your body, learn new techniques to understand your body, and interact in a welcoming community, I could not recommend Jess's courses more!

What a wonderful course. Jess created such a safe and welcoming space, I was sad to say good bye on our last zoom class. I have such a stronger foundation of how to connect with myself and my cycle now and more of a drive to find out more!

Pricing options

There are two price options for you!

Self-Paced Course: You’ll have access to 5 or more pre-recorded practices within each topic and access to the whole course for 100 days.

Self-Paced Course & 1:1 Appts with Jess: You’ll have access to 5 or more pre-recorded practices within each topic and access to the whole course forever! You'll have the ability to schedule two 30 minute virtual appointments with Jess to better assess your needs and cultivate a more personalized healing protocol for YOU