Yoga for Labor Preparation - Mind, Body, & Spirit

Explore yogic methods of mental, physical, and spiritual preparation for labor.

Let's go over the details...

You’ll have access to:

📽 8 hours of video and audio practices and lessons

📝 information on how to build your birth plan

🧘🏽‍♀️understanding the relationship of fear and tension and pain and your pelvic floor

✍️ explore your relationship to fear through writing

💪🏼 yoga movement for fetal positioning, relaxation, and preparation for Labor

🤰🏼practices to help you push baby out, breathe baby out gently, and practicing labor positions

Learn yoga practices to support your labor preparation

  • Non-Attachment

    One of the greatest, most challenging Practices of yoga is non-attachment. We can plan our birth till we're blue in the face but birth will happen outside of our plans. Every. Single. Time. How can you allow birth to unfold without attempting to control it?

  • Pain Coping Mechanisms

    Vocalizations. Breathing. Relaxing ancillary Muscles (aka your shoulders and jaw). Endurance. Allowing yourself to meet Physical and Emotional challenges and difficulties

  • Knowing Yourself

    Yoga is a tool in which you can learn and uncover parts of yourself you haven't met before, parts of yourself you dislike or are unsure of; Parts of yourself that you keep hidden from the world. In birth you meet all of these versions of you. If you have met them before it can lessen the emotional discomfort.

  • Body Literacy

    When you spend time each day listening, learning, and understanding the signals from your body, you're going to be able to navigate birth with an innate wisdom. It also supports pain coping mechanisms because in this understanding of your body, you'll know what pain relief will feel just right.

  • Pelvic Floor + Breathing Baby Out

    We'll practice ways to support and stabilize your pelvic floor and abdominals during pregnancy. We'll also practice laboring down and breathing baby out to minimize tearing and support your body's fetal ejection reflex.

  • Visualizing Your Birth

    Practicing visualization techniques to envision your birth experience including moments of challenge, meeting the unexpected, and allowing some of your birth plans to fall to the side so that birth can unravel in the way it wants to.

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Why join us?

Join this self-paced 4 -part virtual course to prepare your body for labor and birth.

In this course, you’ll learn how to use the tools of yoga to guide you through labor and birth with both flexibility and strength.

You'll explore the many yogic tools tools to mitigate suffering through pain and discomfort and learn how to tap into your resilience.

You'll learn how to explore ways to dive deeper into knowing yourself so that you you face the challenge of labor and birth, you are familiar with these depths of yourself..

And finally, you'll uncover deeper connection to and communication with your body so that you can tap into your innate, primal, bodily wisdom of birth.

You’ll have access to over 8 hours of practices and lectures. I encourage you to practice these as you find them helpful. So if you're in the mood for reflection, go to the "Know Yourself" section and choose a practice you feel called to. If you want to move or connect with your body, choose a practice in "Body Literacy". If you want to practice pain-coping mechanisms then go to that section!

These practices are meant to support you and prepare you. If anything doesn't feel useful, leave it and continue with another practice that feels better suited for you.

Course curriculum

  1. 2
    • What is non-attachment?

    • Affirmations

    • Floppy Face Floppy Fanny

    • The 3 Versions of Your Birth Plan

    • A meditation for non-attachment

    • Bumble Bee Breath

    • The story of Inanna

    • A meditation for full body release

    • Jaw Massage and Release

    • Breath Retentions - Letting Go

    • Channeling Water Meditation

  2. 3
    • The Fear-Tension-Pain Cycle

    • Beej Mantra and Chakras

    • Count to 10

    • Awareness of Your Breath

    • Breathing Wider

    • Lion's Breath

    • Tense and Release Practice

    • Counter Pressure

  3. 4
    • Introduction to this section

    • Anchor Within to Transform

    • Story Telling + Movement Practice to Release Neck + Throat

    • Exploring the Layers of Your Being - 90 min practice

    • Letters Part 1: A Letter From Fear

    • Letters Part 2: A Letter From Love

  4. 5
    • What is Body Literacy?

    • Containment Holds

    • Marma Points for Labor

    • Yoga for Optimal Fetal Positioning

    • Breathing Baby Out

    • Pushing and Breathing Baby Down

  5. 6
    • Somatic Movement Practice

    • Body Scan Meditation

    • Yoga Nidra

    • Preparation for Pushing

    • Yoga for Fetal Positioning

    • Pelvic Mobility