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  • Physical Strength and Suppleness

    Each of these yoga classes is meant to leave you feeling stronger, more connected to your body, and more flexible and supple in your joints.

  • Connection to Self

    Yoga means to yoke, or to connect. These yoga classes are structured to support your connecting with your new and changing body, mind, and spirit as you enter parenthood.

  • Preparation for Birth

    These classes will, without a doubt, prepare you for the challenge (physically and mentally!) of labor and birth. You will explore birthing positions, utilize abdominal strength to prepare for pushing, and build inner resilience and mental strength.

Course curriculum

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    • Prenatal Yoga - Pelvic Strength and Stability

    • Prenatal Yoga - Core Strength and Preparation for Pushing

    • Prenatal Yoga - Lower Back Pain and Side Body Strength

    • Prenatal Yoga - Twisting and Turning

    • Prenatal Yoga - Birth as Unknown

    • Prenatal Yoga - Hip Flexors and Intention Setting

    • Prenatal Yoga - Hip Mobility and Exploring The Sacred Pause

    • Prenatal Yoga - Hip Mobility and Body Scan Meditation

    • Prenatal Yoga - Hips and Shoulders

    • Prenatal Yoga - Spaciousness and Embodying Water

    • Prenatal Yoga - Fetal Positioning

    • Prenatal Yoga - Hip Mobility

    • Prenatal Yoga - Outer Hips and Being Open to the Unbidden

    • Prenatal Yoga - Self-Care and Loving Kindness Meditation

    • Prenatal Yoga - 15 minute Feminine Flow