Sensuality is our ability to connect to our physical nature in an intimate way. It's in how we move and care for ourselves. It lives in how we mother and how we make love. It's expressed in our passions and our habitual tasks.

Join us in sisterhood to explore our sensual natures as mothers.

This workshop is co taught by Jess Gruber and Kelsey Kraemer. We are Certified Yoga Therapists with MS degrees in Yoga Therapy. We both became mothers in 2020 after years of teaching perinatal yoga and providing yoga therapy to pregnant and postpartum people.

Our passion is women's reproductive wellness: periods, pregnancy, postpartum and the intersection of these seasons of our lives with the relationships we have with ourselves and others.

By working at the intersections of our relationships and these life stages, we're setting ourselves up for wellness in all facets of our lives.

We so look forward to working with you! Feel free to reach out to us:

Instagram: @kelseykraemeryoga @jessgruberyoga