What is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga therapy is utilizing the tools of yoga (like movement and postures, breath patterns, intention setting, meditations, mindfulness, etc.) to create an individualized protocol that is meant to guide the client into greater health and wellbeing. Some clients this looks like guided meditation. Other clients protocols are based around integrated abdominal exercises and active breathwork. No previous yoga experience needed. Yoga therapy is not about fancy postures, it’s about you coming into yourself a little lighter, a little more full, and a little more empowered.



Jessica Gruber

Hi all! My name is Jess and I’m a certified yoga therapist. I have my MS in Yoga Therapy and I specialize in female reproductive and pelvic health. My clients include those who want to have a better period, are trying to conceive, pregnant or postpartum and looking for support their 'new' body and matrescence (transition into motherhood), experiencing pelvic pain or incontinence, have a mood disorder and are looking for body-based support. When I'm not yoga-ing, I'm playing with my son, enjoying time in nature, traveling with my adventurous partner, or snuggled up with a good book.

by Pre/Postnatal YTT Student

Jess' training was thorough and informative. Even within a short amount of time, I feel much more comfortable teaching a prenatal or postpartum yoga class or sequence!

by Pre/Postnatal YTT Student

Jess has a beautiful way of teaching the science and anatomy of pre and postnatal bodies while weaving in the subtle side of yogic practices. She created space for curiosity and provided a wealth of resources that we used both during training and will be able to explore on our own. I really appreciated that our learning was contextualized by conversations about reproductive justice and inclusivity for LGBTQ+ populations in the pre and postnatal yoga space.

by Pre/Postnatal YTT Student

Jess has such good energy! In person or virtual - she’s amazing. I learned a ton in this training, and I look forward to taking some of her prenatal and postpartum classes when I have a baby :)

by Yoga for Perinatal Mental Health Client

The Yoga for Perinatal Mental Health workshop was very well put together and thought out. It offered a comfortable atmosphere, practical tools that I can implement in my daily life as a mom, and a chance to set aside time to honor myself and other moms going through similar challenges. It left me with a feeling of lightness and gratitude for the rest of my day.

by Yoga for Your Period Client

Jess is an amazing yoga therapist whom really holds space for women to explore their needs. Thank you Jess!

by Yoga for Your Period Client

Jess is so knowledgeable about all topics menstruation! If you want to get in tune with your body, learn new techniques to understand your body, and interact in a welcoming community, I could not recommend Jess's courses more!

by Yoga for Your Period Client

What a wonderful course. Jess created such a safe and welcoming space, I was sad to say good bye on our last zoom class. I have such a stronger foundation of how to connect with myself and my cycle now and more of a drive to find out more!